A bit more about me..

I like exploring new places, playing games, being crafty, and listening to music. It's my dream to see more of the world and to contribute something meaningful to it, but I also just like to pet my cat Kippie and slide down a slide with my daughter Fay.

In 2018 I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Communication and Multimedia at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Since then I've worked on a variety of products, including mobile games, VR learning applications, and software tools.

I enjoy working on projects that require both strategy and visual design. Great design doesn't just look good, it's also easy to use. This requires a deep understanding of the user and their behavior. I love seeing projects through from early the user research stage, to actually seeing it being used by clients. I also enjoy collaborating with developers and often dabble in the more technical side of things myself as well.